Hi! We are neem. We recognize brand challenges with creative ideas. 

Strategic Branding + Design + Printing 

Strategy + Execution

We belive the anatomy of success begins and ends at its roots,there we base our vision.We believe in long term relationships.

Digital Printing

Communicate visually with your customer, first impressions matter.

We are excellent global storytellers

Having a permanet partnership with company For44 in UK. We create and bring brand stories to life on paper, on screen,in words, in motion. It is our decisions that give us results.

Start something awesome!

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We are a full service design agency, one-stop shop a office where multiple services are offered Strategic Branding + Design + Printing.

New Business


If you are looking for how to make your brand stand out in the market.

Work with us


Come and work with create and bring brand stories in Athens and UK.